4 in 10 millennials believe the election could be rigged

Fully 40 percent of millennials believe the election results could be fraudulent, finds a new poll released Friday.

But not all young voters are equally suspicious: Only one in four millennial Hillary Clinton supporters believe the election might be rigged, while three in four Trump voters, undoubtedly inspired by their candidate’s claims to this effect, believe the vote could be faked.

The same survey found an even more dramatic partisan split where voter suppression and voter fraud are concerned. Some 60 percent of pro-Clinton millennials believe “registered voters will be denied the right to vote” in this election, but just 12 percent of Trump backers said the same. By contrast, pro-Trump millennials are very worried about voter fraud — 74 percent say it will happen — while only 17 percent of the Clinton crowd share their fears. Bonnie Kristian



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