FOP President Defends Officer Over Alleged Nazi Tattoos

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Philadelphia FOP President John McNesby defended police officer Ian Lichtermann after photos emerged onlineshowing an alleged Nazi tattoo on his forearm.

McNesby told Dom Giordano on Talk Radio 1210 that there are more important things to worry about than a police officer’s tattoo.

“We have kids being killed in the street. We have shootings everyday, homicides, rapes, murders, burglaries, robberies and we’re worried about a tattoo? I think our priorities are a little backwards. This officer here is a decorated veteran. He’s been on a the force for over 17 years. He had that tattoo on his arm for over a decade. The eagle is the symbol of the German-American police association, which is a police department sanctioned organization.”

He anticipates the Police Commissioner may be interested in establishing rules regarding tattoos in the future and dismissed any criticism of Lichtermann by asserting his military service.

“They’ve never had a policy for a tattoo on the police department. I know the state police do. I’m sure that we’ll have those conversations with the commissioner when he gets back. He’s probably going to want to start something or implement something and we’re always willing to listen. I know that will be coming. In the meantime, we have this issue here that they’re going to investigate. What are they going to investigate? The tattoos on his arm. On the other arm is an American flag. He’s a veteran. He’s been over to Afghanistan. He’s been in Kosovo. He’s protected the country when others didn’t.”

FOP President Defends Officer Over Alleged Nazi Tattoos


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